Seattle Practitioners

Jenica Tyler  Readings, Soul Retrieval, House Blessings 206-329-9000

Char Sundust (Sundust Oracle Institute)

Mentoring, Classes, Shamanic Practitioner, Leadership


Amy St.Onge  Soul Retrieval, Readings, Web Master    206-784-0809

Therapists / Life Coaching

Sharon Reed and Associates, Seattle 206-282-6258 Therapist

William Wittman, Seattle 206-328-2073 Life Coach

Elizabeth Rightor, Seattle 206-605-3155 Therapist

Jenn Peterson, Seattle 425-495-5250 Therapist

Sharon Maffitt 425-941-8797

Hands on Healing

Ardyth Bakken   425-485-4862

Cranio Sacral Therapy
Dr. Angela Linnerman, Seattle  206-290-2850

Dr. Josh Rubenstein 206-850-9276

Bek Whitbank, Kenmore 206-391-6721 (Works with Children)

Teaching, Leadership Work, Mentoring
Char Sundust 206-440-8886

Sharon Maffitt 425-941-8797

Music, Art, Creativity
Roshi Paquin (Artist and Coaching for artists), Seattle 425-820-8218

Jeff Hengst @ The Little Red Day Spa   Fine Arts Painter

Amy St. Onge   Web Master/Visual Artist 206-784-0809cherryblossom